10 Things Jesus Didn’t Say

No man ever spoke like this Man. John 7:46

Jesus didn’t say, “All roads lead to My Father.” He said, “I am the way!”

Jesus didn’t say, “I’ll give you a few helpful hints and the top ten tips on how to live a successful and meaningful life.” He said, “I am the life!”

Jesus didn’t say, “I have some good opinions and points of view that you ought to consider.” He said, “I am the truth!”

Jesus didn’t say, “There’s lots of good stuff out there for your soul to feed upon, go and graze in any pasture that appeals to your senses.”  He said, “I am the Bread of Life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger.”

Jesus didn’t say, “Just do your best. Try really hard, give it all you have and you will become a fruitful, productive person.”  He said, “Abide in Me…and you shall bear fruit.”

Jesus didn’t say, “You can do it on your own. You can be what you set your mind to be. I have been anxiously waiting for someone like you to come along to advance my Kingdom.” He said, “Without me you can do nothing.”

Jesus didn’t say, “Go to the god of your choosing.” He said, “Come to Me.”

Jesus didn’t say, “Sin is acceptable.” He said, “Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more.”

Jesus didn’t say, “Follow your professors, follow your counselors, follow your friends, follow public opinion.” He said, “My sheep hear My voice and follow Me.”

Jesus didn’t say, “Get even.” He said, “Abide in My love.”

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