America’s Coming Fiscal Cliff of January 2013, Part I

America’s Coming Fiscal Cliff of January 2013, Part I.



  1. HI Kattar

    Thank you for reblogging my posts, & featuring God’s Hidden Nuggets for the Endtimes on your sidebar!

    This all helps to get the Word out, as the Lord told me to go viral & be a fisher of men, using my Net, that is the InterNet, to go out into the world & preach the Gospel, & to reach the lost!

    Truly, we both labour together in the Lord for His Name & for His Glory!

    WOW, you have 11 grandchildren. I have 7. incidentally, my wife Liz also has a blog with some stories of our grandchildren. They can be found at in About Me & My Family!

    Thank you again! God bless you & yours!

    Aloha & Agape,
    Bro Wyman


      1. I am so amazed & thankful to God for blessing us with wonderful grandchildren. They are certainly ‘grand’!

        I have often kidded & said ‘grandchildren are our reward for tolerating our children’ or ‘‘If I knew grandchildren were so good, I would have had them first!’

        Recently Liz & I celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary with a small party of 25 people. There I asked my grown children & grandchildren a riddle ‘Where would they be if we didn’t get married?’ Of course, only God knows the answer!

        Please look at my blog on ‘What Really Happened in the Garden of Eden’. It speaks of the amazing story of why God created us- to have more sons & daughters like Jesus Christ!

        God bless you, & thank you!

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