Truth Really Does Set You Free!

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Lines in the sand are being drawn right now. There is a division between the mega-church, and the tiny independent churches that are remaining true to the old paths. There are a few lone-voices in government who keep standing on Biblical morals and values though they are in the midst of a cesspool of corruption and immorality. God has His soldiers in all those arenas. His remnant, who continue, “having done all, to stand”. But we are facing increasing harassent, and even persecuti0n. I believe we will eventually face life and death choices here in America.Many Christians are anxious, worried about the coming tribulation, believing that they will as Christians remain here to endure it. If you believe that, then there is something missing of your understanding of both the scriptures, and the character of God. Perhaps you are not right with God. Perhaps you have done what you sincerely thought you needed to do, (walked down to an altar, repeated a prayer) in order to be saved. What if you were misled by mealy-mouthed posers, wolves in sheep’s clothing? The Bible tells us many will discover when they stand before the Lord, that He will say “depart from me, I never knew you”. People who “called Him Lord, and performed miracles and cast out demons in His name”.You must believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. You must be born again. You must ask, and you must believe. You don’t need to “accept Jesus” you need to realize that you are a rotten sinner, bound for hell, unless you can somehow become acceptable in the sight of God and the only way that happens is when you cry out to Jesus asking for the salvation that He secured for you with his blood, by his voluntary “laying down” of his life, by His death on the cross, and His resurrection 3 days hence.As to the future of this nation, it remains to be seen. Though I have not held back in voicing my conviction that a turn-around is unlikely at this juncture, it isn’t over until it’s over, as they say! But one thing is for certain, it is liberating to face the truth. It takes a lot of energy to maintain denial. We are where we are, and it is what it is! And that should be okay, for any Christian who truly understands that we are strangers and aliens here. Whether I go, or whether I stay, God’s plan is fine with me. If I go on to my “blessed hope” and new life in eternity, or whether there is such an outpouring of repentance and prayer that God pulls us back from this brink, and even through hard times of recovery and re-building, we get a few more years and another chance to be the salt and light we are meant to be in this world, it’s okay with me. In my case, staying would mean my husband and I get to see our kids grow up , and to enjoy those empty-nest years of re-discovering one another, maybe eventually having grandkids. But either way, it is all the same to me.

via Truth Really Does Set You Free!.


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