The End of an Empire

(by Art Sandlier – Sound the Trumpet)

Every great empire comes to an end; often the disintegration is very rapid. For some time now we have been watching the decline of the great American enterprise. The economic foundation of the nation is disintegrating as unimaginable debt piles up. This incredible debt will sooner or later bring the whole monetary system crashing down.

History is filled with accounts of empires that dominated the world and suddenly came to an unexpected end. I am old enough to remember the British Empire dominating the world scene. By some estimates Britain dominated as much as 70 percent of the globe. It seemed as if this great Empire would never come to an end. However, almost overnight the British Empire vanished off the scene.

The sudden decline of the British Empire can be directly traced to the time in the 1940’s when Britain turned against Israel. In like manner the Obama administration has turned against Israel and we seem to be seeing the beginning of the decline of America.

Some believe that on November 6, the Americans turned a corner in their national life. It has been stated that they have turned away from their constitutional principle of limited self government with the re-election of Barack Obama. A number of people believe that with four more years of the Obama administration America will be beyond the point of no return.

America has been undergoing tremendous changes for some time now, long before Obama arrived upon the scene. In the last four or five decades the moral foundations have crumbled along with the spiritual and societal fabric of the nation. Since Obama came to power four years ago America has been in the process of the transition from a free enterprise capitalist society to a totalitarian socialist state. Obama has stated during the election campaign that he needs four more years to “complete the job.”

Obama has set policies and passed laws that negate and neglect the biblical principles the nation was founded upon. When Obama first came to power he stated that America was no longer a “Christian nation” and he has worked to reinforce that belief.

In another crucial area the Obama administration has turned against Israel no matter how often Obama says he is the friend of Israel. As we stated above, this sets the nation against the purposes of God for His people Israel, a very dangerous place to be.

In an editorial, World Net Daily, immediately after the election stated that America had “Pronounced Judgment upon itself” (by endorsing Obama’s programs).

I believe that when a nation abandons the warnings of God’s Word about such things murdering babies in their mother’s wombs and advocating homosexuality, the judgment of God inevitable.

The election on November 6 seemed to be the stamp of approval by the American people on the unbiblical agenda of the Obama administration. We will see what the future holds for America.

There comes a time when men and nations turn against God and His Word that God turns against them. When that happens God hardens their hearts and blinds their eyes and their fate is sealed.

Jeremiah discovered this truth when the judgment of God was about to fall upon Israel. God had given them over to judgment because of their obstinate rebellion against Him. The Lord said to Jeremiah in Jeremiah 7:16, “Therefore pray not thou for this people, neither lift up cry nor prayer for them, neither make intercession to me: for I will not hear thee.” This was the abandonment of God to judgment.

There is a time, we know not when. A point we know not where. That marks the destiny of men for glory or despair. There is a line, by us unseen, that crosses every path: The hidden boundary between God’s patience and His wrath

.  (J. Alexander)


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