When we were in a horrible pit and our feet ensnared in miry clay, we needed a hand powerful enough to pull us out.

When we were stained by sin that soiled every aspect of our nature, we needed a cleansing agent potent enough to purify us and wash us clean.

When we were lost, without direction, stumbling about in the darkness, and not knowing where to turn, we needed a light for our pathway and a guide to direct our steps.

When we were confused, perplexed, frustrated, anxious, worried, and fearful, we needed to hear the voice of peace, the voice of hope, and the voice of promise saying, “I am the way.”

When we were bound by Satan’s deceit and deception, held captive by his accusations, and oppressed by his evil working, we needed a redeemer who was mighty enough to set us free from the enemy’s enslavement.

When we were dead in our trespasses, without God, under condemnation, and without hope in this world, we needed life—eternal life—entering in to our innermost being to make all things new.

That hand, that purity, that light, that guide, that voice, that redemption, that life is Jesus Christ!

In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace; Ephesians 1:7 KJV

© Roy Lessin


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