Emerging Christianity, (a.k.a. the “Emergent Church”)

Serve Him in the Waiting


Preliminary Shek commentary: The “emerging christianity” is really just the precursor to the ecumenical one-world religion. Unfortunately, what Kjos is speaking of here in this (below) article, can be found in so many of today’s popular ministries such as Beth Moore, Perry Stone, Sarah Young (“Jesus Calling”) and William Young (“The Shack”), Henry Blackaby (Esperiencing God)  The mythical practice of “listening” for whispers and “words of wisdom/knowoledge” apart from the finished Word of God that He has already given.  This supposedly “inspired” revelation makes its way into books and devotionals which are taken as “gospel” (sold by the boatload at the very profitable “Christian book stores”) and so many people today spend so much of their time studying these “Bible Studies” and not the Bible itself, that they don’t even realize what they are reading does not line up with scripture.    This quest for “new light” and private revelation and seeking of the experiential, has led so many people off…

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