Serve Him in the Waiting

Why would I post a video by a guy like Jonathan Kleck on my Christian news blog?

Does it not have the potential to perpetuate spiritual confusion?

As a matter of fact, his video is a perfect illustration of a phenomenon that has permeated the church of today.  The seeds of it lie in what some folks call “easy-believism”.  Some pastors whom God has seen fit to deliver from it, will tell you they were instrumental in bringing it about because they bought into the evangelical fervor and decisional regeneration ideology.  That is the cleverly crafted deception that a pastor or even church members can “add to the church” through saleseman-type methods of persuasion that result in “decisions for Christ” baptisms, and new church members, but not necessarily salvation.  This goes to the very root of why I chafe against the church leaders who admonish “smile, come on, we’re Christians…

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