Remember Grace

Serve Him in the Waiting

As Christians we are called to live an examined life.  We are to be set apart, in the world and not of it.  In our conversation, in our character, in our convictions, in our conduct, we should be a reflection of God.  The Christian life is designed to purify us, through trials and tribulations, struggles and losses.

And then there is GRACE.  Yes, we strive.  Yes we have a standard.  But when we compare ourselves to that standard, we will always fall woefully short.  Because the standard is Jesus and we are human, still subject to and limited by the flesh.  When we falter, when we are tired, when we have been scooped out and hollowed by the demands of Earthly life, God understands.  He is not so much of a taskmaster that He doesn’t understand the need to pull aside once in a while and just be still.


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