Abiding {What does it mean?}

Once Upon a Truth

“Abide in Jesus.” They are words we graffiti across our Christian community like a cheap slogan stripped off an overused t-shirt.

When life is going up in flames–the marriage is rocky, the kids are naughty, health is failing, friends are lame, the job is hellish–inevitably someone is going to come along and douse me with an ice-cold bucket of ‘abide in Jesus, just abide.’

And what exactly does that mean?

We do this sometimes–we talk about things we really don’t know anything about and because we are prone to spiritual laziness, we don’t take the time to find out. We live on an empty vernacular. Some people might call it B.S.

That is until you find yourself in some kind of I-can’t-breathe kind of desperateness. Then whatever it means to abide in Jesus needs to be understood ASAP because something inside is dying and is in need of an…

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