You must be born again

You must be born again.



  1. Thank you brother for adjusting the compass needle to the True North.
    Jesus made it simple so that a child could understand his words.

    You must be born again. If someone was to ask you: Are you married? a simple yes or no would be enough to ascertain your marital status. and yet so many don´t know, are not sure or hide this simple relational fact with fudging. Either you are married or you are not.

    Nothing complicated about that. In order to be married, you have to be asked, invited into someone´s life and seal the commitment with a simple yes or I do. See how simple it is!

    Translate this into Jesus coming to you and asking you: do you want to be my bride? I will take care of you for all eternity, wash you clean, provide the wedding garment and be with you, lovingly performing the duties of a faithful husband all the days of your life, never leaving you, nor forsaking you because I love you and I already paid the price .The choice is up to you.

    Translated into simple language, this is what the statement” you must be born again” means to me. ” Are you born again” is indeed a most important question to ask. In fact It´s a matter of life and death. Maranatha. Jean-Louis. Please come and visit my blog.


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