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Serve Him in the Waiting

(This is a re-post of something I blogged a little over a year ago.

Though we may manage to convince ourselves we have mastery over our own destiny, we can be disabused of that delusion in the few moments it takes for the doctor to read us the results of the biopsy, or to open our front door to the police officer and chaplain, answer that late-night phone call, or have a head-on encounter with that out-of-control drunk driver at 65 miles per hour.  Despite what we tell ourselves, there often comes a moment in life when we truly learn how much is out of our hands.

God has placed us where we are, and not a moment goes by that He doesn’t know exactly where we are and what we are facing.  I am so thankful to know that if and when some crushing blow comes, God will be there to hold me together, or put me  back together…

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