Vain Imaginations Expressly Prohibited!

Serve Him in the Waiting

One of the coolest things God did when He created man, was to give man an imagination.  An imagination is an amazing thing, and it is capable of, well, amazing things of it’s own. God’s creativity is, of course, unrivaled, but isn’t it a blessing to you when you see a beautiful painting, or a graceful dance, or hear a beautiful musical score?  It is to me.  I marvel at the God who put such potential of ability into a person.  Unfortunately a lot of people marvel at the creation rather than the Creator.  No human has anything that was not given to him by God.  Our imagination and all of its potential, is given to us by God, just like our ability to work, and all the potential prosperity that comes with that.

The ability to imagine is certainly one of the things that sets humans apart from animals.  The ability to imagine is what spurs every great discovery…

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