The Four Blood Moon Speculation

The Four Blood Moon Speculation.




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    Yeah, I read that this morning and Hagee is not one of those preachers known for his solid foundations. I actually did not know he was the one who really started all that though, about the blood moons in Christian circles. There are a lot of folks who seem to want to be on the “prophecy” stuff strictly for the intrigue factor and I am getting just so tired of the hyping, as if the fact of the Rapture isn’t exciting enough as is, we have to somehow include the “mystical” to “enhance” the scripture. It’s like all the stuff about the Nephilum. Why are professed Christians so seemingly enamored with, and focused on evil at it’s most vile, and they are the same ones who seem to almost take glee in the idea of disdaining the rapture-believers, like it would be some badge of honor to go through the tribulation? It’s sick. I don’t always love Cloud’s hard line, but have to admit he is right most of the time and I was glad he addressed this.


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