A heart to heart

Need some encouragement? “Just a little farther now. Stay at it. Don’t give up. We are almost there”

Serve Him in the Waiting

It is Monday morning, and most minds right now are consumed with corralling our focus to tasks that await us, and changing our mental gears from leisure mode to battles we face, be it an over-loaded inbox, orders to fill, rounds to make, problems to solve, what have you.

Is life nothing more than toil?  Do you find yourself feeling like you are barely hanging on to your semblance of competency, sanity, order, peace, hope?

Do you long for rest?  For a day without struggling?

There are two kinds of people in this world.  Those who realize how small, frail, and weak they are, and that they need someone bigger, smarter, wiser, and stronger to turn to, and those who resist admitting this, even to themselves.

Because the truth is, no matter how “together” you appear, there is something out there capable of breaking you.

If you have not encountered…

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