Trevor Baker: “Let’s Go Home”

By Trevor Baker
(Canadian singer, song writer, and defender of the truth)

Much of my album Let’s Go Home has been devoted to the subject of going home. Home in this case is not Heaven; that comes later. This home is referring to a place where we belong; a place where your heart is at rest. It’s a place with peace of mind, a place of common sense and stability. This home has a foundation that won’t be washed away in the coming storm.

So much that is portrayed as the Gospel today will not stand.

Ask and seek for the old paths and walk therein, and you will find rest for your souls; that’s what my Bible says.

We in North America are always looking to make things better, newer, with faster computers, more efficient cars, newer bells and whistles. Bigger, more nicely renovated homes with all of the comforts known to man. I guess we have foolishly thought that we could do the same with the Gospel; but the Gospel doesn’t change. It wasn’t made by man so that it could be improved, it was made by God so it started out perfect. All of the adjusting that we have done only takes away from perfection and ultimately becomes an entirely different thing all together so that it’s no longer even the Gospel. It’s just some man-made belief system with the name of Jesus attached to it.

And; by the way, all that means is that it doesn’t lead to Heaven. It does in fact do the opposite, it leads thousands right into Hell.

There are some today who started at home with the Bible and true faith but have opted for the newly renovated, smoother running model, the fake model. There are others that have grown up in the last 30 years with the fake model. They don’t even know that there even was an original model. It’s like reproducing a painting of the Mona Lisa. All of the new ones are flawed if you look close enough; and believe me, they are no treasure, they’re junk.

This is a call to those who can still hear. Please go home, your life depends on it.

(Lighthouse Trails)


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