God’s non-negotiables

Serve Him in the Waiting


It’s happening that way everywhere, one state at a time. Three percent of the population is gay. Yet the will of the minority rules. In what parallel universe? This is not America anymore. God has allowed us to be conquered by an evil king. Just like He did with Pharoah in Genesis, and Nebuchadnezzar  in Daniel (Daniel 2), and now under Obama in the U.S.

When a nation no longer loves truth, He turns them over to their own devices, so that they believe lies. The release of the book God and the Gay Christian, does just what the Bible tells us would happen in this time, calling wrong, right, and calling anyone who persisting in calling wrong, as it is, wrong, well they are not only a hater and a homophobe, but subject to legal action!  Christian ministries used to work to help people escape homosexuality. Now they have started…

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