Light rejected, is light taken away

Serve Him in the Waiting

Jesus said “I am the light of the world”.

It is a dark hour here in America right now, yea even the whole world.  I think that all but the most hedonistic and uninformed among us, would agree.  There are lots of people troubled by it, while there are also those who love the darkness so thoroughly, that they are gleeful over this state of affairs.  Like a pig in a mud pit.  In all their perceived “freedom” to live any darn way that they please, they don’t recognize the cesspool for what it is.

Today I speak to any readers who do not subscribe to Christianity.  I want you to know, that first off, Christianity is not what you probably have come to think of it as being.  There are people who claim Christianity because they strive for “good” morality, and were born in a family that claims the designation…

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