I would define myself according to 2 Chronicles 34: as chasing after God with all my heart, as did young King Josiah.

I have been married to “my blessing” of a husband for 35 years and mom to our 4 wonderful children and gamma to our 11 grandchildren.

Although the window-of-opportunity of investing my time in my young children is now over as all are out of the nest now, I endeavor to live the rest of my days pleasing in the sight of the LORD, to walk in His ways, and to decline neither to the right hand, nor to the left.

I am a papercraft addict. I love books and words. And family. And springtime. And hazelnut mocha’s. And….MY SAVIOUR.

I love the Word. I’m desperately thankful for grace. I am a reader, a ponderer, and a question asker. I love the truth. I’m sometimes impatient, usually disorganized, frequently forgetful…but always grateful for this wonderful life.

‘Truth’ is my favorite word, second only to ‘faithfulness’.

I’m living by faith, clinging to hope, and imperfectly practicing love.

This is my little corner, a place where I can come to pen my thoughts, and anything thing else that I might want to express or share. Whether it be to encourage other Christians to stand against the end time apostasy that is so quickly sweeping through the Church, or praising my Saviour, Jesus Christ for saving such a wretch as I.

I hope that by your reading you too will grow more devoted to Him today than you were yesterday.

“Hallelujah! what a Savior,
Who can take a poor, lost sinner,
Lift him from the miry clay and set me free!
I will ever tell the story,
Shouting glory, glory, glory,
Hallelujah! Jesus ransomed me.”



  1. Thank you for visiting my blog! As you stated, while we are living in days of apostasy we must encourage one another to remain strong in our faith. God bless you richly!


  2. Thanks for posting my article Kattar, your blog is very helpful! My wife and I also have 11 grandchildren( 6 children)- you are a real blessing, lets stay in touch! Pastor Bill


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