The Deadly Influence of Hollywood in Our Churches

by Bro. Buddy Smith (Heads Up! June 2014)

What Is It About Movies That Is So Attractive?-

Pastors begin to realize how deadly is the influence of Hollywood upon their churches when they overhear the primary topic of conversation among their youth. It is not about spiritual things or Bible truths, which are seldom mentioned at all. It is not even primarily about sports, or friends, or cars, or work, or plans for the future. It is about the movies they’ve seen, the ones they like the most. One other observation is that their infatuation with Hollywood is being encouraged by their parents.

It ought to be stated that we all own many technicolour bilge pumps that, instead of ridding our homes of the excreta of the world, are pumping it in by the megalitre.

Most movie watching is now in the home, not in the “sinema”. Large screen TV’s, DVD players, Computer monitors, and even smart phones are the high-pressure bilge pumps that are used to daily fill the minds and hearts of Christians. Most of these are funded by parents, at least to begin with.

Movies Are The Major Influence In Our Churches

When I sought counsel from wise men concerning movies, I received a number of helpful replies. Here is one from a veteran missionary, “I think it was while our daughter was with the ________________(family) she watched a number of Hollywood type movies. She observed that after watching them it made her feel very discontented with the normal everyday life that she had to live, as compared to the exciting (“unrealistic” – her words) world and life that movies portray.

The never ending hype and excitement / action, etc. are like a high you get from drugs and when the movie is over it leaves her feeling empty and discontent.

The other observation (along the same lines) was that everybody in the movies is always very good looking / cool / self confident, etc., which breeds disillusionment with your own ordinary and often imperfect looks and figure, etc. All of our children have really struggled with movies this time round, it’s a huge temptation to them, most every home we
have been in have all the latest Hollywood hits and no one seems to see anything wrong in them, I’m amazed.

This observation is one of the indicators that movies have a larger influence in our churches than the Bible does.

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