God’s Plan for the Clueless: A personal testimony

A personal testimony of T.A. McMahon, (The Berean Call)

When I speak to young Christian adults, whether they are in the workplace or in college, a message that I hope encourages them concerns God’s willingness to guide their lives if that is their desire. I use His involvement in my own life throughout my 67 years as an example. The following is an abridged version of God’s gracious guidance, much of it well before I came to know Him personally.

I was born in Brooklyn , N.Y. , and baptized Thomas Aloysius McMahon in the Roman Catholic Church. In my early grade-school years, my family moved to Apple Creek , Ohio , where my dad was a psychiatrist at the state mental health facility. Our home was on the 2,000-acre grounds of the institution. That aspect of my background came to light during the times when Dave Hunt and I were both speakers at conferences. Dave enjoyed mentioning to the audience that “Tom grew up in a mental institution, so you really need to be Bereans in checking out what he says.” They thought he was joking until I admitted that he was correct on both accounts.
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